Let’s generate some text! Imagine the model is an author…

1. Select a style for the author:
This model learned the Dr. Seuss style well. It generates short lines with repeated structure. But it is often non-sensical. (Or is that part of the style too?)
2. Get the author started with a word or phrase:
Delete the recommended prompt for unconditional generation.
3. Length of story:
Valid range 1-1023.
40 is approximately a single sentence.
4. Creativity:
Recommended range .5-1.0.
Higher values are more creative.
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Temperature (aka creativity): Generally a number between 0-1 (but can be higher) with a higher number generating more random text. Float value controlling randomness in boltzmann distribution. Lower temperature results in less random completions. As the temperature approaches zero, the model will become deterministic and repetitive. Higher temperature results in more random completions.

5. Originality:
Recommended range 20-40.
Higher values are more original.
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1 means only 1 word is considered for each step (token), resulting in deterministic completions, while 40 means 40 words are considered at each step. 0 (default) is a special setting meaning no restrictions. 40 generally is a good value.

Text generation may take up to several minutes if the tokens parameter is set to a high value.

We used this library to perform the fine-tuning and this as inspiration for building the webapp.